Fuse Traditional with Digital Marketing

Also known as outbound marketing, this approach entails pushing your message to consumers in hopes of generating leads. Traditional marketing still exits and is proven effective when supplemented with a strong digital media campaign.

We offer the following:

  • Content marketing: blogs, website, communication pieces, infographics, press releases, white papers, case studies, project descriptions, ads, brochures, and postcards.
  • E-mail marketing: e-newsletters, e-postcards, and online surveys.
  • Print: business cards, postcards, sales materials, invitations,  signage and announcements.

Social Strategy and Management

Your company is unique and you want to be different from everyone else. We agree! Our strategic approach stems from our belief that every brand deserves a strategy that’s tailor made for them.

Infuse Marketing provides the following:

  • Social media channel research, recommendation and account optimization
  • Social media growth strategy and content development/writing
  • Account management and 24/7 brand monitoring
  • Brand building, engagement and customer service
  • Analysis, reporting and recommendation enhancements
Paid Social Advertising

Social media platforms are crowded and your business’ ability to reach customers organically is rapidly declining. Investing in social media advertising helps target your specific market, increase brand awareness, take action and drive traffic. Let us help you strategize a targeted Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Google advertising campaign to amplify your brand’s reach.

Instagram and Facebook Advertising

How can you ignore 2 billion monthly active users? Facebook offers multiple layers of targeting, so we can focus your ad on the right audience to maximize ROI. Instagram advertising will heighten brand visibility, awareness and attract quality followers. Let our team strategize what’s best for you.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords targets consumers actively searching for keywords related to your product or service and directs them to your website. Our Google Adwords Certified Specialist is ready to manage your Adwords or Pay-per-click (PPC) campaign.

Twitter Advertising

While Twitter has a smaller audience than Facebook, there are some industries where Twitter ads are superior at driving engagement. Tailored audiences and hashtag targeting all play a vital role in effective targeting.

Linkedin Advertising

LinkedIn is a highly valuable tool to network with like-minded professionals. The platform provides unique targeting capabilities and known to deliver quality leads in a clutter-free, content-friendly environment. LinkedIn offers first-party data to measure, inform and optimize performance in real time.


Content Development and Strategy

Content is key for establishing your brand as an expert in your industry. We write compelling, attention-grabbing content targeting your ideal customer optimized copy for SEO. Our process includes:

  • Research and brainstorm trending and relevant content ideas with your team
  • Provide additional research to improve content quality
  • Create, ghostwrite and edit content copy
  • Combine authority links, link building techniques, keywords, call-to-actions and promote via social media
Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways for small businesses to attract new clients and nurture existing ones. When done correctly, your business can create deeper relationships with a wider audience at a fraction of the cost of traditional media.


Blogging is the most important aspect of content marketing as it generates organic traffic. Become an industry thought leader and showcase your knowledge and expertise. Blogs are proven to assist with SEO to increase your website’s search engine rank.

A website should be clean and attractive, entice visitors to take action, and help you achieve your goals.
A website should be clean and attractive, entice visitors to take action, and help you achieve your goals.
Responsive & Creative Website Redesign

Is your website optimized for SEO? Is it clean, uncluttered and easy to navigate? Does it answer questions? Do you know where you rank in a Google search? It may be time for a website redesign.

Your website and consistency in your branding efforts are keys to instill trust and draw your visitors in. Social media builds awareness and attracts visitors to your website. It must be optimized as a hub to convert them into a client!

We can help with:

  • Designing a new WordPress website compatible with mobile devices
  • Evaluation and website strategy on copy, local SEO, clean design, layout and placement
  • Copywriting, clear messaging, edits, persuasive new copy and call-to-actions
  • Overall business branding and identity
  • Indexing your new site for maximum exposure
  • Promotion of your new site
branding, identity, brand cohesion, graphic design, social media marketing, Seattle, San Francisco Bay Area, business card, marketing sales collateral
Brand Strategy & Positioning

In order to be on the forefront of consumers’ minds, your brand’s identity needs to stand out and be memorable. Investing in branding is an opportunity to be bold and broadcast your unique position in a noisy, competitive landscape.

Our professional design team has a combined eight years of experience in design from small to large companies. We can help with:

  • Branding and identity design (logo creation and refresh)
  • Trade show and exhibit design
  • Advertising and promotional design
  • Packaging design
  • Website design
  • Creating a cohesive brand across social media accounts
video marketing
Marketing Video Production

Bring your content marketing ideas to life using video marketing. We offer creative and production support for your video marketing campaign. Our partnership with a reputable, Seattle-based, videographer and line producer delivers high quality, HD-ready videos for YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and beyond. Once your video is completed, it will be optimized for search engines and digitally marketed ultimately driving traffic to your website.

Rank higher in Google searches with proper SEO

Simply put, SEO is the process of improving the visibility of a web page in search engine results organically. Infuse Marketing will analyze your current site and devise a plan for your website redesign. Optimizing SEO techniques will index your new site higher on search engines. This will enable a more satisfying SEO experience providing compelling and informative content, enriched with keywords, title, meta descriptions, link building techniques, infographs, videos, and/or podcasts.

Our team can devise a local SEO strategy with high performing techniques.