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Celebrating 13 years since its establishment in the Bay Area, Infuse Marketing has been at the forefront of combining traditional and digital marketing strategies to elevate small businesses. We conceptualize innovative content strategies to:

  • Captivate audiences
  • Generate brand awareness and visibility
  • Drive targeted website traffic boosting demand and lead acquisition
  • Safeguard and fortify your brand’s reputation
  • Foster customer loyalty and stimulate recurring sales
  • Cultivate strategic partnerships
  • Actively listen and engage with your customers

During Carmina’s tenure in marketing and business development at a Bay Area architectural firm, Carmina Bacani, Founder and Owner of Seattle based Infuse Marketing provides comprehensive small business digital marketing strategiesshe identified the need for interactive marketing strategies to engage and retain clients, coinciding with the rise of social media. Founded by Carmina during her tenure in marketing and business development at a Bay Area architectural firm, Infuse Marketing thrives on prime opportunities in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Leveraging her marketing expertise, business acumen, and charismatic personality, she has built a strong client base through referrals and a robust online presence. 

At Infuse Marketing, we value our relationships with business owners and credit our success to our clients and talented team members.

Don’t just take our word for it- see what our satisfied clients say! Discover how we’ve helped small businesses achieve their digital marketing goals.