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Why Your B2B Marketing Strategy Needs Both

Show people the face behind the logo to strengthen connections and increase leads

It’s best to see LinkedIn as another search engine, where B2B companies can acquire new clients. It has a high domain authority as search engines deliver many results from it, both from your personal and business page. With that in mind, why choose between a personal page and company page? Use both to rank for SEO.

LinkedIn is a tool for engaging in business. Currently, 80% of B2B leads generated on social media stem from LinkedIn, making it the top-rated social network for lead generation. That means companies large and small have an almost endless number of opportunities to engage with and impress prospective audiences.

Having both means more relevant details about your business show up in search results and your company’s keywords are working for SEO. You also get twice the level of engagement than you’d have with just one page or the other. All of these things improve to grow your connections, generate new leads, and help you easily reach new audiences.

Here are some tips to help generate leads, deepen business relationships connections, grow your network and company brand:

Get found in LinkedIn searches

As one post recently put it, people connect with people, not logos.” Your profile is not a resume, so go for a punchy headline and description that captures your personality. Try writing in the first person. For example, my profile opens with, “I am a passionate and innovative digital marketer partnering with B2B and B2C. . .” Now imagine how awkward and detached that would read if it simply said, “Carmina is a passionate and innovative digital marketing partner.”

Post, tag, and connect regularly

For your personal page, post frequently — but no more than once per day. Regularly leave comments on someone’s post or participate in group discussions.

When appropriate, it’s always nice to tag other individuals or companies — employees, business partners, clients, vendors. This is especially appreciated on a project achievement, happy clients or a team photo post.

If someone reshares your post, thank them. This shows your human side, and the other person’s network will see your gratitude post.

Your businesses' B2B digital strategy should include your personal and company LinkedIn pages.

Your businesses’ B2B digital strategy should include your personal and company LinkedIn pages.

I highly encourage republishing content marketing pieces from your website onto your personal LinkedIn page such as blogs, whitepapers, newsletters, etc., for link building strategies. Add relevant hashtags, links back to the original content, videos and eye-catching images (try to avoid stock photos).

And whenever you send a connection request to someone, personalize your invitation. This not only proves there’s a human behind the message, it also makes the other person feel more valued.

Take advantage of LinkedIn’s content ecosystem

Videos, actually, are one of the best pieces of content you can share on LinkedIn and on any social media platform. They average three times the engagement of a text post. It makes sense: people will be able to match your voice and gestures to your face, and (short) videos are easy to digest on the go — a key element if you’re trying to reach busy executives with your content.

Presentations are another highly sharable form of content well-suited to LinkedIn. Utilize the Slideshare integration to share presentations, documents, infographics, portfolios, and other visual materials with your followers. Slideshare is owned by LinkedIn, and another social media platform which contributes to SEO. If you’re unfamiliar with Slideshare, use this link and maximize its effectiveness and use simultaneously with Linkedin.

Engage your employees

A major way to grow your company page’s visibility is to get your employees involved with it. They should connect to the page from their own personal accounts so their networks can see it. If appropriate, get their help posting to the company page as well.

Schedule your content

Create a schedule for educational content to post to the page. A schedule keeps the content flowing regularly without running the risk of inundating followers with too much.

And in the event that more than one person from your company updates the page, a schedule helps guard against redundant content, large gaps in content, or duplication.

Engage with others via the company page

Where you engage using the company’s page will be different from where you participate with your personal page. There may be some overlap, but typically the company page is good for discussion groups and thought-leadership conversations.

Finally, don’t forget about analytics: LinkedIn offers them for both personal and company pages. Use them regularly to learn as much as possible about your data and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Remember that even the most effective LinkedIn strategies take time to build and grow. Optimizing yours is a slow, steady process that calls for consistency, patience, and hard work on a solid content marketing strategy. This approach has been invaluable to me at Infuse Marketing, and has helped me reach new clients and make stronger connections with existing ones. Before you know it, someone in your network or someone else’s will notice your hard work and reach out, and LinkedIn will become one of the most effective lead generators in your arsenal.

Need help in optimizing your personal LinkedIn page and/or starting your company page? Reach out to get started.

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      Glad you enjoyed the post, Brian and thanks for chiming in!

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